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The top five explosion products in the obd2tuning.com

obd2tuning, which is the website sales the obd2's products popular with consumers.

There are many obd2's hardware or software whatever you want. Automotive Diagnostic Tools, OBD2 Diagnostic Interface, Auto ECU Repair Tool, Auto key programmer, ECU Chip tuning so on...


Now we talk about the top 5 in this website (for 2017.06):

1.VAG COM diagnostic cable

There has three version customer can choose :

Model 1: VAG COM 17.1.3 english 

Model 2: VCDS 17.1.2 germany cable

Model 3: VCDS 17.1.1 French version

Whatever, seems many customer need one more cable to do the diagnosis .That's why it deserves it

2.Xprog auto ecu programmer

In my opinion, this product can support many ecu to do the program so that make popular more than other ecu prommer

And in this version can support hard disk and USB Dongle, it is more convenient and secure.

No operation system limitation, software can be installed on Windows XP/WIN7 it's there feature too.

3.Ktag master KTM100 V2.13 

In obd2tuning.com, there has sweet tips to tell you attention to do some thing when you use Ktag, I think that's the reason that Ktag can ranked third 

What's more, it describe more about ktag function or Usage method in this website. 

Consumer can make out at a first glance what is they want so that make many consumer like it .

4.Super quality MB SD Connect C4

In fact, this product always satisfy consumer. the C4 was always ranked first or second in last month. 

All of the consumer is Identify with it.It sell well for many years..

5.WABCO truck diagnostic tool

This is top sales for truck diagnostic tool.

Not only hardware but also software for WABCO truck diagnosis.

That's the high light can make it better than anyone else in the field of freight car diagnostic equipment.


That's all.


For more details information, welcome to Add my Whatsapp (+86-13728823468) or Skype (obd2motor) 

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