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MB SCN online coding hardware/software requirement

Mb star c4 software New 2017.5 xentry Is the best use of Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tool,2017.5 xentry diagnostic software Able to support Mercedes-Benz online programming,xentry 2017.5 HDD software Is the latest version of the diagnostic software for Benz.

Hardware requirement  

Must be mb sd c4 diagnostic multiplex with original factory plan, sd c4 with low quality can't do online coding, star c3 can't either.


Software requirement 

The mb sd xentry das software must be new(windows xp software can’t support online coding), and you can check it by yourself before coding. Follow us here:


1) Click the TIPS on the xentry software, see the picture below,


2) if you can get to the interface to input the mb online account, see the picture below, then you can make sure that the software you have can support online coding.



But if you get error after you click TIPS, that means the mb sd star software may be too old, or the software get problems. you have to purchase the new mb sd connect c4 software from us.

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