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Kess V2 Tokens V2.28 Software Installation Tips

Kess V2 Tokens v 2.28 master Clone is New kess v2 chip tuning kit update. Kess V2 Tokens v 2.28 Unlimited tokens with renew button can reset tokens. Unlimited tokens V2.28 Kess v2 tuning kit with kess 4.036 firmware and Kess V2 Tokens v 2.28 download software Add more latest protocols and ECUs.

Kess v2 2.28 software installation Tips:

1. No Internet Connection. 

The computer which you have installed KESS or KTAG software on cannot connect with internet anytime and anywhere. It's very important, connecting to internet may damage the hardware or CPU and can not repair by yourself, you have to send back and exchange new CPU for repair, in this case, you need to pay 20USD for repair

2. Do not update, and the used PC or laptop cannot have anti-virus software;

3. Do not change CPU, also cannot program CPU;

4. If you want to update hardware of your old KESS V2, will have to ship back the multiplexer

Update cost is 95.00USD, not including shipping cost. But not all of Kess V2 can be update via hardware. You need take picture of the QC mark on the main unit, then we will confirm with factory for you. If it is available, you can pay for update cost and send it back to us for update

5. KSuite V2.22 software must be used or installed on XP/Win 7 OS system. But we recommend you to use our XP system.(Please contact us for our WIN XP system)

6. You must install KSuite V2.22 according to our software installation video. If you order our V2.22 KESS V2, we will send the installation video to you.

When add tokens, do not connect the car, just connect like following picture shows:

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