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kess v2 2.20 is not better than V2.28 master

Kess v2 2.28 master Clone is New kess v2 chip tuning kit update. The KESS V2 2.28 infinite token Update button resets the token. The unlimited token v2.28 KESS V2 tuning box adds more new protocols and services to the 4.036 firmware and the k-suite 2.28 download software.

Kindly note:Obd2tuning.com this V2 2.28 has 2 versions sold, one is an unlimited token, KESS V2 2.28 Update button, and the other V2 2.28 has no update button, cheap, customers can choose what they need, thanks.

Reasons to Get V2.28 KESS V2 Unlimited Tokens Version kess Firmware V4.036

1, software version: v2.28, firmware version: v4.036

2,Master version, add, update, button, no, token, limit, unlimited use, no need any tag, more.

3,Check battery voltage in real time.""

4,Full recovery when there is a problem.""

5, automatic, correction, check, check, (available)

6. Boot loader mode support

7, management, programming, counters

8, scanning, tools, functions, to, delete, DTC

9, read, write, speed, and so on

10,Options to fill in all the documents / parts of the map"

11,Full, integrated, with ECM, Ti, which, means, IT, can, work, and, with, ECM, titanium, perfect

12,Support, powerful, functional, and more, more, ECU, list, than older version.

13. No checksum errors

14,Yes, covers,, specialties, brands, including,,,,,,,,, EDC17, MED17, Ford, kisses, V2, that's everything you need, J1850.". ,,,,,, successfully, tuners,, agreements, one, very affordable, and price."

15,Read, write, and, ECU, via OBD2, port, direct, no disassembly, ECU, car, easy to use.

The usual FAQ for kess v2 k-suite 2.28 software Installation and problem of using:

Q: the V2 master version or slave version?

Answer: it's the main version.

Q: can Kees V2 be installed on the Windows XP system?

Answer: the V2 can be installed in Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Q: what is the difference between the V2 and the k-tag?

Answer: this V2 has OBD function, but Ktag does not have this function.

Q: can you kiss V2 updates?

Answer: please do not update, otherwise it will damage the V2 firmware, you can go back to our repair ship.

Q: what is the difference between the V2 and the fgtech V54?

They can do a lot of cars, but they make cars in different ways. There are fgtech, V54, and BDM functions, but the V2 does not. The KESS V2 features an anti release module that can do new encrypted cars than the fgtech V54.

Q: the customer tells us that the V2 cannot be EDC17, such as BOSCH EDC 17 (cp04-cp14-can-med17. X) and 17 (Passat, BOSCH, BOSCH, EDC, C54, golf, craftsman, Octavia, snowman Volkswagen). EDC16 everything, OK.

Answer: Yes, the V2 can not do EDC17 yet. It can do EDC16 good, but when you do, you need to unlock the antiregulation module to read and write data and vehicle. Because new cars have new ways of encrypting.


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