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How to solved Tech Tool software 2.5.87 can not connect with any car

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This is a problem I’ve ever had with Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.87 developer and solutions i used.

The problem: installing the Tech Tool software 2.5.87…everything works ok. After a few days I can not connect with any car and can not pick the vehicle brand from the list nor the VIN number. And after a while everything goes back to normal. I upload an overview picture.

Here are all useful tips and solutions from folks. Hope it can help you out (Actually, i gave it up and got the crack with free activation service, with soooo relief.)



The latest version is Tech Tool and the latest have new update technology
and it’s because of bad activation. new 2.06 not could work with old activators.
Not that I condone people stealing other people’s KG or reselling but I will say this…

The reason: your KG doesn’t activate properly. Version 2.5.86 has RSS feeds that it calls to in order to initialize the application. If you’re not connected to the internet during this, it will fail and timeout causing that drop down to become blank, and also stopping use of PTT altogether. So this nonsense of not buying it from you doesn’t exactly apply because it wouldn’t work regardless.

How I fixed it: startup your own local web server (I used Fenix due to it being very small, and lightweight) and copy the RSS feeds to it, modify hosts file to point the normal external URL to And bam, no more problems with offline check-ins and background sync.

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