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How to solve vag com vcds interface not find problem?

how to solve vag com vcds interface not find problem?


If you have the Vag group cars,when you need the diagnostic interface to diagnostic the vag cars,such as: audi,vw,seat and skoda.OBD2Tuning will recommend you choose the vag com vcds cable:

But Some customers feedback that: when they install vag vcds 11.11 or vagcom 11.11.3 on the laptop and connect to the car.but message was: interface not found.they also tried port 1,2,3,4 and usb. and changed COM PORT in device manager on laptop to vcds.blue light  flash on cable conector when connected to car! But message is the same-INTERFACE NOT FOUND!

Here obd2tuning will sharing how to solve vag com vcds interface not find and can't recognise problem?

vag com vcds error:

1.) can't found the vag com hardware.
2.) can't recognise vag com interface
3.) not plugged into car message / interface worx
4.) can't update it to Vag com 12.10.3,and does not work,

solution as below:

Step 1:- Reflash Atmega with  dump. Firstly,  supply 12V power to the Vag com VCDS interface, Connect ATMEGA 162 chip with port LPT of the pc to program it as shown on this picture:

Step 2:- Remove components IC8 , R50 , R51 , D7 as shown on the pic with red arrows.

Step 3:- Reflash FTDI with  dump.

Step 4:-- Reflash GAL16V8 (ATF16V8) with  dump.

Step 5:-- Solder 3 wires as shown on the pic with blue lines.

Step 6:-- Copy loader to your VCDS directory.

Q: When plug the vag com 11.11 with your pc, it is not recognised and comes up as "FFFFFFFFFFFFF".
Any advise please?,It worked fine for the first 2-3 times.

A: Reprogram it, you need Reflash the china vag com

When vag com have any question, you must program Atmega162 with an external programmer
After that you need to program FTDI over USB with Mprog
For RL cable you must program GAL/ATF - I assume that you have a RL cable because you asked loader
and for RL cable you need to do some modifications to the PCB

then install VCDS 11.11.0 and copy loader to installation folder

Make a shortcut to your desktop (loader)

every time you want to use VCDS -- click the shortcut on the desktop

Final solution for Chinese VAG COM interfaces with protection chip and FT232R

Here you have a tutorial for programming Atmega chip(vag com )

The document you need for solve vag com vcds problem free download:

Chinese RL cable repair.rar

11.11 full dump.rar


VCDS 11.11.0 loader.rar



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