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How to Fix Mercedes w212 2011 ESC inoperative with SD Connect

 Mercedes MUX C4 is Super quality MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer. Mercedes star diagnosis Compact 4 with benz scn coding account can do benz scn coding online. Mercedes MUX C4 software new update to xentry 2017.07 win7 software. 

Thread: Mercedes w212 2011 got â€œESC inoperative” message, using MB sd connect C4 Xentry to pull specific codes firstly and go on repairing, at the last paragraph, there are solution.

Car model and year:
mercedes w212 2011

the car shows me “esc inoperative” message then the car become very heavy and it doesn’t take acceleration at all where it is stuck to 15-20 km/h..
i went to a technician and he said it is the throttle sensor, so we got it changed and everything worked fine, after two months the same problem occurred and we got the part changed again, but yesterday the problem appeared again !!

Possible reason:
ESC is electronic stability control not sure why the tech was changing out the throttle and/or position sensor.
ESC inoperative is indicating the traction control is not working. This should be able to tracked to a specific wheel sensor issue, electronic module problem or reflash needed etc.Lots of other possibilities too, steering angle sensor, yaw sensor etc.

How to do?
Take it to an MB dealer and get the car scanned. They should be able to give you a specific MB code and you can go from there. Or did the mechanic scan it and come up with some codes? You can also get some aftermarket scanners, but the ones that do MB specific codes are a bit more than regular OBDII scanners which just do engine and emissions codes, not other sub systems. Your esc inoperative is one of those subsystems

These are all the messages and faults I’m getting

As you can see, I get myself a MB sdconnect C4 Xentry, These are all the messages and faults I’m getting.

* voltage of signal 1 of accelerator pedal sensor
* voltage of signal 1 of throttle valve actuator
* voltage of signal 2 of throttle valve actuator
all of these are low voltages around 0.5 where it should be a higher voltage…


As suggested you pull codes with MB DAS if steadfast on circumventing you can try OEM replacements: TVA 1131410125, ESP CU 2129005906, and OS 0035427018.

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