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How to update MB SD Connect C4 Hardware

 How to update MB SD Connect C4 Hardware

Notice: Pls insert 6 batteries before update and need to connect car and laptop also.

Step 1. Click “administration



Step 2. Choose the device



Step 3.Click “software update



Step 4. Choose those two options to update



Step 5. Click “Start


Step 6. Wait several minutes , then hardware update will finish.

 How to solve xentry need activation each time when running it

(just need to bind the xentry software hdd to your pc)

1. Remove the files on this directory, please see the picture blow:



2. Run xentry software, if it shows no authorization to visit error, that means the software hasn't been activated. you have to contact us to activate it.


3. Click “ Startkey ”, and open the tools file.


4. Click “ xentry developer 


5.Copy the Hardware ID and App ID from StarKeyCenter to the Xentry developer, and change the Star Date to “20160810”, Expiration data to “20200101”, Then check generate for License String, and remember copy the license string


6. Copy the license


7. Click “ Startkeys ”, then enter, and past the license to the blank, then save it.


8. It will shows Startkey saved successfully.


9. Right click Xentry, and choose open file location, find the “xentry.bat file”.


10. Run the “ backup 备份 ” file


11. Create shortcut of Xentry.bat software on the desktop


12. Change icon of “ xentry.bat “ shortcut and click “ OK “ button.



13. Choose the icon same as Xentry software





14. Have the xentry software HDD binded to your PC. then you don't have to activate the xentry software every time when you run it. 


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