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FNR 4 in 1 key prog Installation instruction

FNR 4 in 1 key prog Installation instructions

FNR 4 in 1 is obd2tuning new arrival key programmer. FNR key prog is Ford key prog+ Renault key prog+ Nissan key prog+ ford incode calculator. below obd2tuning sharing FNR 4 in 1 key prog Installation instructions.

FNR key programmer FNR 4 in 1 key prog


FNR 4 in 1

Language: English only

FNR key prog Software version:

Ford key prog v1.1.2
Renault key prog: v2.3.1
Nissan key prog: v2.3.1
Ford incode calculator:1.0

How to install the FRN 4-IN-1key programmer?

Notice: close your pc anti-software first,very important.

1. open the folder “ford”,next open “ford install”, first- install the”fordupdate1.1.1″,second- install the “truecodesetup”
2.copy the content of folder “ford crack” to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the FordOBD.exe,the ford software is OK now.
3. for renault nissan software ,copy the content of folder” renault nissan” to C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files. then run the “TrueCode.exe”,the renault nissan software is OK now.
4.for ford incode calculator,same to renault software.

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