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Newest arrival obd2tuning 2013 ALLDATA 10.52


2013 alldata 10.52 is obd2tuning shops need current, factory-correct information to meet the complex repair demands of today’s automotive industry,ALLDATA 10.52 is ALLDATA 10.52, Mitchell, Autodata, ELSA, BOSCH ESI,Vivid Workshop 6 in 1. ALLDATA 10.52 is 750GB Mobile external hard drive. 


This version can be run as a DVD-ROM drive, and from external hard drives. Included: the shell of medicine, all the drives, as well as detailed installation instructions danogo software.
- The manual repair ALLDATA provides step by step description of procedures for 
operation, repair and maintenance of cars.
- Publication of ALLDATA provides detailed information on repair and adjustment of 
  engine control system components (fuel injection and ignition), instructions for self-
 diagnosis, including Automatic transmission and ABS, recommendations for    adjustment of mechanical and automatic transmissions, adjustment and repair of the brake system (including ABS), steering and suspension.
- Provides a detailed electrical car (auto wiring diagram).
- The possible faults and remedies, mating dimensions of the main components and 
their permissible limits of wear, recommended lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
- Software is designed for car owners staff stations and repair shops.

ALLDATA 10.52 Mitchell Autodata ELSA BOSCH ESI Vivid 6 in 1 750GB


ALLDATA 10.52,BOSCH ESI,Vivid Workshop,Mitchell,Autodata,ELSA


2013 ALLDATA 10.52 workshop service and repair manual ALLDATA 10.52 mobile hard disk

File format: The Mobile Hard disk size:  750G (external hard drive)


  • Alldata 10.52  2013 latest version (415GB)
  • Mitchell ondemand repair & Estimator 2012 version (89.8GB)
  • Autodata 3.38  (1.33GB)
  • ELSA 4.0  (41.3GB)
  • BOSCH ESI 2012/2  (32.9GB )
  • Vivid Workshop  (3.08GB)


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