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  • Actia ICOM P For BMW Coding Tool WIFI ICOM P Interface Support ICOM A2 ICOM Next All Functions
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Actia ICOM P For BMW Coding Tool WIFI ICOM P Interface Support ICOM A2 ICOM Next All Functions

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 Actia ICOM P as BMW Diagnostic & BMW Coding Dealer Level Tool, cover ICOM A2/ ICOM NEXT all functions, more stable for BMW Coding function than ICOM A2,/ICOM NEXT

2018 P for BMW same function as ICOM ICOM A2 BC Diagnosis & NEXT New version of ICOM A2 ICOM Developer tool

BMW ICOM P Actia ICOM P minimum working voltage is 8V, particularly and stability For BMW Coding than ICOM A1 ICOM A2 & ICOM NEXT


Wifi BMW ICOM P+B+C Description:


ICOM P is a versatile diagnostic connector for multi-function vehicle diagnosis, module matching and vehicle module reset. It is a diagnostic connector used in the production lines of BMW manufacturing plants. Contains a range of devices such as ICOM A1/ICOM A2/ICOM NEXT... on the market. All functions and non-open access rights are particularly prominent with respect to vehicle diagnostics and stability in vehicle programming. ICOM P is not subject to vehicle types and communication interfaces. limit. Every model sold is sold off-line after ICOM P vehicle matching diagnosis.


ICOM P It is an information protocol calculation and conversion device between the vehicle OBD interface and the PC software. It has a diagnostic connector that connects to the workshop's local area network for wireless data exchange. As a protocol converter, it exchanges data between a powerful core processor operation detector and a vehicle controller, and processes the signals for the weighing instrument interface. ICOM P is powered by the vehicle's OBD interface (OBD terminal 1/16/4/5).

Actia ICOM P VCI For BMW Coding Tool New Features: 

1. Perfect match: perfect matching of hardware and software.

2. Perfect speed: P+ISTA speed increased by 30%.

3. Perfect number: new number, stable use, has not been blacklisted.

4. Perfect engineer software: BMW AG all models hidden function brush, all modules individually programmed to replace the old programming, coding. Human-machine interface language changes, etc. (Operators need a deep technical foundation - BMW engineers)


Actia BMW ICOM P Using Note: 


1, backup.

2, can not be powered off.

3, does not allow the network cable to appear out of the chain.


Wifi ICOM P Connector:


1. Better heat dissipation, no longer using small fan heat sinks, use heat sinks.

2. More stable.

3. Add OBD2 lines. Better connection.

4. The shell is stronger


OBD cable:


ICOM P equipment OBD main line connector adopts 11P+5P aviation connector, interface with automatic locking function to prevent accidents during communication

Loss of data due to disconnection.



The communication interface is connected to PC software through a network cable. The network cable is 1000MB/S cable.



After the router account password is set, wireless data transmission is performed through the wireless connection repair shop network.

USB 3.0:


Used to connect ICOM B, data exchange, offline upgrade ICOM P and other extended operations.

Status Indicator: 

Name   Color         Status

SYSTEM flashes green Device starts

SYSTEM Steady green  Ready

SYSTEM Steady red    Device failure

SYSTEM goes off Device power supply is abnormal

LAN Steady green Ethernet connected

LAN Flashing Data Interaction

LAN goes out Ethernet is not connected

WLAN flashing Data interaction

WLAN off No WIFI communication

COMM blinks K-Line, D-CAN communication

Working environment temperature and heat dissipation:


ICOM P is a custom tailored equipment for the production line. It has the performance and advantages of long-term continuous operation without crashes. The ambient temperature range is -50°/45° exceeding the sub-ambient temperature can cause the ICOM P device to malfunction.



ICOM P is compatible with ICOM A1/ICOM A2/ICOM NEXT connector functions, and ICOM B, ICOM C, ICOM D, ICOM E, ICOM.

The NEXT B, ICOM NEXT C, and ICOM NEXT D adapters are perfectly compatible with each other.

ICOM P BMW Coding Tool Packing List:

1 x ICOM P

1 x OBD Cable

1 x Lan Cable



Skype: live:sales005_137



Warranty: one year free


After-sales service: Free Technical Support


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