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Refund & Warranty

OBD2Tuning Return & Warranty:

OBD2Tuning promise to try our best to help you solve problems, and we wish you can cooperate with us to solve problems soon if meet problems.

1. In which situation we accept the return
2. In which situation we do not accept the return
3. Return for exchange item
4. Refund Policy
5. Warranty

1. In which situation we accept the return

OBD2Tuning promise to obey the return policy when the item has the problem bellow, but you must sent back the item after we knowing your problem and what you want us to do.

First, the Quality problem. When you receive the useless item,and can not work while no damage. In such situation, we will return full refund.

Second, damage during delivery. In some particular situation, item will be damaged and not work once you receive it. In such situation, pls tell us once you get it and we will arrange send back and deal with it as per exact situation.

Third, Order a wrong product, you order a wrong item. and negotiate with our customer service to exchange for a right product, this exchange policy is also for you. But you need pay the shipping cost to us as well as return to you.

Fourth, if we miss-shipped the items, we will be responsible for an item exchange and any shipping fees. If you choose this, you can also return the product and get a full refund plus the shipping and handling fee, but you must make sure to sent it back through ordinary airmail.

Endly, Particular situation, After we get your item return to us and check the item in good condition, we will issue you refund according to our policy within 2 working days through PayPal, please check your PayPal account timely or contact our customer service. And we will charge you 10% handling fee

2. In which situation we do not accept the return

Please check the item before you purchase on OBD2tuning.com carefully. If you have any doubt, please check with our customer service, you can get our customers service information from our website.

First, If you order wrong item by yourself, or you found it is not you want to order (not quality problem), we will not provide return policy to you, please aware of this.But, in 24hours, you can cancel your order.

Second, If the item is damaged by yourself, we can not provide exchange service for you. But you can return for repair. sometimes, the factory need the extra upkeep.

3.Return for exchange item

case 1: exchange for free: If your products is damaged  in delivery, we will exchange it for free for you. and undertake the shipping cost for you ship item back to us through simple airmail(Notice: must have the tracking number, or we can't tracking the parcel).

case 2: Miss-ordered item: If you order a wrong item, and plan to exchange for you want, fistly, contact with our customer service for help, then make sure the wrong product brand new,  you need to pay the shipping cost to us as well as return to you.

case 3: Physical Damaged Items, If the item is damaged by yourself, we can not provide exchange service for you. But you can return for repair.

What you do before returning for replacement: you need contact our customer service to tell us your problem. What's wrong with your item and what you want us to do for you.

Returning shipping options: after confirming your items is under our policy of returning, we please you use simple airmail to ship item back to us. NO DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex or any other express.

How we will do after receiving your return: you need keep touch with us to make sure we get it. After checking the item, we will arrange a replacement for you and we will inform you when everything is done. Please remember to check your email from time to time.

Notice for shipping options: When you confirm to return the items to us, please use ordinary airmail or EMS to return it, and write ship to the address our customer service provides. Please do not use DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT or any other courier, because we can not get your return item, we will not responsible for that.

Return Address:  pls inquiry our customer service.

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